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In a world where grammar checking software has became what we call a thing it would be interesting to find out what would happen if someone wrote a newspaper article, book or movie documenting the great things that grammar checking software is able to benefit the world about.

If it were to be a movie it would probably make the most sense for the movie to be in documentary form. This documentary could document the changes that have been made in the field of grammar checking software. We could start from the early days to more word perfect Microsoft word grammar checking softwares and then move forward to more advanced grammar checking software/application programs including grammarly and ginger. The movie could have interviews with the brain child’s behind grammarly and ginger as well as developers of Microsoft office software that first introduced us to grammar checking software. The book about the evolution of grammar checking software could be in the same form. It could start with an introduction of the importance of proper writing and how are forms of writing professionally have developed throughout the ages from type writers, to computers and the importance of not taking for granted human proofreaders. The chapters could go through the different parts of history related to grammar checking in more detail and even a possible history of the development of the English language and grammar. It would be interesting to see if there were any sociological experiments done to see how the evolution and additional sophistication added to different grammar checking programs throughout the years has contributed to how seriously we view the different grammar mistakes we have made in the past and how thatginger-grammer-checker-logo compares to present day grammatical errors. In tergrammarlyms of a newspaper article about the evolution of grammar checking technology through different interviews of the creators of these programs. The article would be a shortened version of the book essentially or an abridged transcript of the movie. This would give all the basic facts, essentially in a quasi outline form of the different innovations that have been made in the grammar checking software industry over the past two decades/decade and a half or so. So now we need to discuss who would make these movies, books, etc. Probably the grammar checking programs themselves could have some sponsorship/involvement in making these movies, books, articles etc. Probably though, more likely, it would be more educational film studios, publishers, or publications. In terms of the movie probably a good option to make the movie would be a place that makes technology innovative films. Maybe some of the movie studios that have deals with science museum’s to make similar type IMAX movies (e.g. like in the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC). The book could be published by a lot of those book publishing companies that write more educational books. In terms of the newspaper articles publications like Scientific America or a lot of those scientific tech magazines out there are good too. Overall just enjoy!

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