Essential Oil For Hair

essential-oils-to-combat-hair-lossLooking great is about feeling great. When you have the right attitude you can do anything. Sometimes things can get in the way like your hair! What do I mean?! Your hair is an extension of your personality and as such when it doesn’t look good you may not feel good either. Proper hair care is very important in maintaining hair that is both healthy inside and out. Let’s go through so hair care tips and see how we can step up our hair maintenance game!

This first thing is something I have only learnt recently and that is to wash your hair only with cold water. Although I’m pretty sure everyone loves their warm showers it will surprise most of you that hot water can be damaged to your scalp. It can make your hair and skin dry leaving you prone to flakes. Everyone knows flakes are the devil. Cold water contracts your pores leaving it softener and less prone to dryness. It does the same for hair. When you shower with cold water it can add moisture to your hair as well as body. It isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do but it definitely has helped me and my hair.

The next thing I tell people is to find an essential oil or oil mix that you can apply directly to your scalp. For instance I like to use a tea tree / lavender mix. The tea tree is anti-fungal which means it does a great job of clearing your scalp of the nasty dead skin and bacteria that eats that dead skin. The lavender is a great moisturizer and the smell is amazing. I can achieve a clear scalp and hair that smells amazing with essential-oils-for-your-healthy-hair-and-scalpthese two oils. There are many companies that make shampoo infused with essential oils so if you are not so into the pure essential oils this may be a route to take. To take it even further you can make your own essential oil shampoo (check out great organic shampoos at Just add a drop or two of essential oil to your regular shampoo and let the moisturizing begin!

Another thing to know is that your hair is at its most brittle when you get out of the shower this means don’t mess with it too much. Combing or brushing is ill-advised and intense towel drying is also dangerous. This is another thing I didn’t know until I started to grow my hair out long. That being said once your hair is dry you should comb it. Combing gets rid of dead hair and it also can help to clear your scalp of debris. These both work to promote healthy and strong hair growth which is what we are looking for after all. There are many more things you can do to provide your hair with the care it deserves. I will hopefully be continuing on this topic in my next article. Thank you for stopping by and have a great hair day!

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