wonder 1I went to see the nicest movie the other day. Wonder. It stars Owen Wilson as “papa”, Julia
Roberts as “mama” and the cutest little boy Jacob Tremblay as their child. I highly recommend
it! I wasn’t expecting to go to the movies that night. Sacha, a new friend of mine from UNI was
having a bad day and he needed a pick me up. So I was like get your coat we are going to the
movies. I treated him and also bought us both some yummy popcorn to share. It was lush! The
movie really lifted his spirits and spoke to him in a way that I didn’t even realize it would. Its
funny how things like that happen!

When Sacha was young he suffered a small stroke that left the right side of his face partially
paralyzed. Many teased him for it and couldn’t see past it but there were a fair few like me (his
best friend) that could see way past it and could actually see him for who he was. He cried a lot
in this movie it was like a part of his story was being told. He was thankful that we went to see
this movie and through his tears it seemed to help him release something and he really was
back to his happy-go- lucky self after we left the movies.

Rather than me tell you the plot I will just say go and see it. It’s just a story that needed to be
told about those that are “different” yet have so much intelligence and it’s a story that needed
to be told for those that overlook those that may not look like the rest of us and yet if embraced
we will get to see how incredible they actually are.

Sacha came back to my home after the movie. I jumped in the shower with my beloved Tea Tree
oil Shampoo (my other best friend) and then quickly got dressed. I wanted to make him dinner
too. So I cooked up a feast for him. I could tell he needed the whole package. I made him a
wonderful veggie meal (as he was a devout vegetarian and so was I). He felt totally loved and I
was like yeah Sash, sometimes we just need a friend to take care of us. We sat there until
midnight, eating, laughing (could this boy make me laugh), eating some more, crying, talkingwonder 2
about our stories and our lives – the trials and tribulations and the successes and joys.
Over the next few weeks we got even closer. We spent many more nights together, talking and
eating, watching lots of movies. Sacha took me out to a lovely vegetarian restaurant. He also
took me on a little trip to Edinburgh. He drove us up there and we went to the Edinburgh
Comedy Festival. He knows how much I love comedy – especially improv! Its been a really
miraculous time of sharing and healing. What are best friends for if you can’t share? I am so
thankful for Sacha. He has changed my life and I hope I have had some small impact in some
small way.

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