bali 1The waves in Bali are great this time of year. I’ve heard that people can sit out on the water for the whole day and actually fish while they surf. The weather is warm and humid, the water is warm and temperate. The beach is clean, the air is pure and the only noise you’ll hear for miles is the crashing of soft water at the foot of the beach and the echoes of life coming from the jungle. I have watched these waves break for hours on end. There’s just something so hypnotic about this cycle. Up the beach, down the beach over and over again. I like to think about how long this particular stretch of beach has been here. How many thousands or millions of years have gone by where the water has done the same thing day in and day out – up the beach, then down the beach again.

The water is not blue. It is a see-through saline liquid that foams easily when shaken. The beach is not really yellow. Each grain, when observed closely is really either white, red or brown. I can imagine how many grains there are on this beach alone. Would this be a better model for our universe than the simulated replications we have constructed on behalf of our eager minds? Would we even be able to fathom the questions that wait for us out there? Everything is still limited to matter though…everything is still limited to matter. If we understand matter, do we understand the nature or principles of everything that exists within matter? But what if this isn’t true? What if things don’t act the way we imagine them to – even if they are limited to the same matter we know of? We have understood that there is such a thing as antimatter. But we have no idea what that idea is really even comprised of, so for now, it remains an idea. It was only until recently that we realized, or at least now suspect, that gravity is not only a force of magnetism, but could in actuality be the resulting force from a field that is rather weighing down on us, on all matter for that matter.

Who knows what our ideas will be like in the near to distant future. The more we discover, the less we know. The more we discover, the less we know. But what happens when we do eventually know everything? Is there a chance of that ever happening? What would our species do then? Would we have new cliche’s to inform our everyday existence? Things like ‘we know everything now, so please go home and get some rest, enjoy life, take it easy.’ Would baliwe run out of things to do if we found the edge of the universe, or rather the centre? Would we be surprised if we managed to send data through a black hole? Could a laser even do that? If everything is limited to matter, or the lack thereof – what does that make us? Are our minds constantly being informed by some ancient universal pattern. Are our thoughts physical entities? How does tax, the economy, Dunkin’ Donuts, pop music and the theatre make any sense when we look up at night? How have we managed to keep ourselves ignorant of this stark void on a daily basis? If nothing makes sense, then can’t we be a little better living in relation to whole of our consciousness? Will there be a McDonald’s on Mars?

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